William Rollings McMahon Organ Donation Educational Foundation 

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                  "Get Carded" UWF
   UWF's "Living Green Ribbon"

The purpose of "Get Carded" is a student-driven campaign focused on increasing education about organ and tissue donation as well as donor designations.  This is achieved through peer-to-peer education.   Their objectives are to educate college campus communities on organ and tissue donation as well as increase support among students and the our local community.

Events are held through out the year on campus with the "Living Green Ribbon" event in April featuring bands, free shirts, free food and guest speakers all promoting organ and tissue donation.  This event is for students and the community.  Get Carded UWF group joins six other campuses throughout Florida that promote organ and tissue donation and is sponsored by Donate Life Florida.  Please contact us if you are UWF student and are interested in joining or having would like to have "Get Carded" representatives at your event.
 Chain Reaction        


Chain Reaction Pensacola is an active group of middle and high school students who volunteer their time in the community.  After being inspired by William's story, member Gemalie Perez realized the importance of organ donation.  After learning the facts and with the help of Chain Reaction she set out to do something about it and decided to focus her efforts on educating teens about organ donation awareness.  A media campaign was launched targeting 5,500 middle and high school students encouraging them to speak with their parents about organ donation and becoming a donor.  This media campaign included an organ donation public service announcement and a card sharing William's story as well as a sample script for teens to follow, since organ donation can be a sensitive subject for parents.  After talking to their families, teens visited mychainreaction.org and clicked on the "I've had the conversation" link. The PSA aired on local television as well as in the schools.  It can now be seen on youtube.  The group also wore the "Circle of Life" shirts during this "Organ and Tissue Donation Week". 

The campaign was so successful that hundreds of teens spoke with their parents allowing them to become organ donors.  Furthermore, the school district asked Gemalie and Chain Reaction to launch another organ donation awareness campaign next year and expand to reach other schools in our area.  We are very thankful for all of the hard work by Chain Reaction and look forward to continuing to work with them.  For more information on this wonderful group you can go to mychainreaction.org.

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